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Help for Businesses to Go Green


Whatever the size of your business, Brent Council can help you save money and be more environmentally-friendly at the same time.

We offer a wide-range of support - including funding, advice and
practical measures – to help businesses cut their car-use.

Travel plans encourage your staff to leave their cars at home and use greener ways to travel, such as walking, biking or public transport. They include schemes such as car-sharing, pool vehicles and flexible working.

Drawing up a plan has benefits like:

  • reduced business travel costs
  • being able to cut car parking spaces
  • improving the health and productivity of staff
  • and less staff time lost through traffic congestion.

And, of course, you will know that your business is doing its bit to cut greenhouse gasses and tackle global warming.

Brent Council wants to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and has a wealth of expertise and support to help you.

If your firm has more than 250 staff, you may be eligible for a Corporate Package of advice and help worth more than £20,000.

If not, you could apply for match-funding worth up to £1,000 through our Challenge Funding scheme.

Small or medium-sized businesses can join our
scheme for free.

We also offer any business working on its travel plan free Sheffield Stands for bicycles, and free cycle training for their employees, as well as a whole range of useful merchandise.

For more details, contact Mike Evans on 020 8937 5179 or email mike.evans@brent.gov.uk

Brent Council works in partnership with the West London Sub-Region and Transport for London to promote sustainable travel.


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